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Lady model casual suit

A female model wearing a long floral romper poses with her hand in the air.

Lady model pant suit

A woman posing with her arms akimbo while wearing a pants suit.

Lady models - formal dress

A woman modeling a formal gown with a floral pattern.

Leaving for market

Three women, with baskets on their heads, on their way to the market to sell their produce.

Leslie Boxer

"Leslie Boxer 2nd in Miss Jamaica Body Beautiful Contest 1978."

Marlene White

Mrs. Marlene White of the Arnett Gardens Chain of Culture Committee.

Miss Marlene Amos

"Miss Marlene Amos, 18 year old clerk - Miss St. James."

Miss Rutty, the poets mother

d_0009553_miss_rutty _poets_mother.jpg
Photograph of Miss Rutty sitting in a rocking chair.

Mrs. Beverly Chen presenting grand prize to Charmaine Sanderson

"Grand prize winners - Mrs. Beverly Chen, Merchandise Sales Manager of Hopwood-Windsor Laboratories, presenting the Grand Prize to Charmaine Sanderson, winner of the 'Grand Flavour Aide Raid' competition sponsored by Hopwood-Windsor, Charmaine, of…

Mrs. Carmen Williams

Nurse Carmen Williams smiling.

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