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Crash at the intersection of Stratford

" "Oh no!" said the driver of Mini Minor FM 5871 when he saw the damage done to this car after he forcibly tried to overtake a fleet of vehicles at the intersection of Stratford Avenue and Hagley Park Road on Monday and collided with VW KU 687.…

Half Way Tree Road bus accident

"Love-bus bus crash: this bus, driven by Jasper Morgan of 123 Maxfield Avenue, collided in the rear of the Volkswagen which spun several times in the middle of the road, hitting another car. Both vehicles were being driven along the Half Way Tree…

Chelsea Avenue (Kingston)

"Chelsea Avenue was one of the first roads reported to be flooded recently as rains from Hurricane Katrina pelted the island. A Volkswagen is seen trying to make its way through the water at the intersection of Chelsea Avenue and Half-Way Tree Road."

Damaged Volkswagen van

"Death van: one man was killed and three other police people injured when this Volkswagen van collided with a truck along the Mobay main road on Saturday."

Accident in Harbour View

"Accident in Harbour View leaving six people injured and one hospitalized."

Box drink van

"Out of accident sweets: If this van looks pretty shaken up it is understandable because our cameraman happened along just after it had been put back on its four wheels after overturning and spilling its load of assorted concentrated box…

Volkswagen mini bus crash

"Another victim: parked vehicles continue to take their toll among unwary motorists. The mini-bus above was only the second vehicle to crash into a parked tipper truck at Duhaney Pen in St. Thomas on Thursday. First victim was MP Dr Adrian Bonner…

Causeway Road crash

"On Friday night this Volkswagen left the Causeway Road and ended up in the water. Details were not available."

Damaged Volkswagen car

"The driver of this Volkswagen car was hospitalized yesterday morning after the vehicle was involved in an accident with a yellow cab taxi at the intersection of Half Way Tree Road and Oxford Road in Kingston."