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Vandalism of telephone cables in New Kingston

"Photograph shows the damaged cables in New Kingston."

Vandalism of cables at Mary Browns corner, Constant Spring

"Although there has been mild success in the campaign against vandalism of public telephones, the incidence still continues in some areas. Photo shows the telephone at Mary Browns Corner, Constant Spring, where the handset was removed over the…

Shattered car windscreen

"Damage estimated at $800 was done to a motorcar belonging to Martins Jamaica.
Police reports are that Rev. Samuel Dreckett of 2 Chang Avenue, Tivoli Gardens, Kingston, was driving the car when it got a puncture at about 9:45pm. Rev. Dreckett left…

Vandalized Jeep

"This is the Jeep in which JLP Councillor Carol Ramsey was travelling on Wednesday when he was attacked by a gang of men in the Jones Town area."