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P.J. Patterson

On March 15, 1979, Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt received the Foreign Minister of Jamaica, Percival Patterson, for a talk in the Federal Chancellery.

P.J. Patterson Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade

"Minister of Industry Tourism and Foreign Trade P.J. Patterson, (2nd left) listens carefully as Miss Jean Taylor of Studio Potters explains pottery making. The Minister was on a tour after the official opening of the Complex. At right is Wesley…

P.J. Patterson at Expo '76

Prime Minister, PJ Patterson, at the Jamaica Manufacturer's Association (JMA) Expo '76 which opened in March 18, 1976

P.J Patterson Foreign Affairs Minister & Deputy Prime Minister

"Foreign Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister P.J. Patterson yesterday received a team from the European Economic Community and issued a call for the EEC to develop a perspective of unity in its approach to the Caribbean territories rather than…

Industry & Tourism Minister P.J Patterson

"P.J. Patterson, Minister (2nd left) announcing Governments shared acquisition in Jamaica Cement Company yesterday others Don Brice, Permanent Secretary, George Ashenheim, acting chairman and Sydney Chen-See, Managing Director."