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Wicker and straw products

"A customer looks on at some wicker and straw products."

Minister of Social Security, Neville Lewis, at the workshop for the handicapped

"Minister of Social Security Neville Lewis [left] and the Ministry of State for Social Security, Len Kirby [centre] admiring the work of one of the employees at the workshop for the handicapped at Dragon Plaza in Port Antonio, during a tour of the…

Joyce Morrison - in bamboo shack

"Joyce Morrison and Nehemiah Morrison [not seen] at work in their bamboo shack."

Art & craft exhibition

Young girl observing baskets and other straw items at an art and craft exhibition.

Nehemiah Morrison in bamboo shack

"Nehemiah Morrison at work in his bamboo shack."

Ruby Toques - straw worker

"Straw worker Ruby Toquez, Virginia, USA March 2-13."