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Ruby Toques - straw worker

"Straw worker Ruby Toquez, Virginia, USA March 2-13."

Nehemiah Morrison in bamboo shack

"Nehemiah Morrison at work in his bamboo shack."

Art & craft exhibition

Young girl observing baskets and other straw items at an art and craft exhibition.

Joyce Morrison - in bamboo shack

"Joyce Morrison and Nehemiah Morrison [not seen] at work in their bamboo shack."

Minister of Social Security, Neville Lewis, at the workshop for the handicapped

"Minister of Social Security Neville Lewis [left] and the Ministry of State for Social Security, Len Kirby [centre] admiring the work of one of the employees at the workshop for the handicapped at Dragon Plaza in Port Antonio, during a tour of the…

Wicker and straw products

"A customer looks on at some wicker and straw products."