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New midwifery school at Spanish Town Hospital

"The new midwifery school at the Spanish Town Hospital, which was opened in October this year, by Minister of Health and Environmental Control, Ken McNeil."

Friendship Meadows

Photograph of houses in the Friendship Meadows community located in the parish of St. Catherine. One of the houses shown has building material in its yard.

Seaford Whitehorne

Farmers observing young pineapple plants on a farm in St. Catherine.

Seaford Whitehorne

"Seaford Whitehorne takes time out to stir chemicals under one of the 20 zinc sheds scattered on the 355 1/4 acre farm at Knollis Mountain, St. Catherine."

Small pump and drum

"A small pump and a drum with two lengths of 250 hoses used in the spraying of weedicides and pesticides on the Whitehorne Farm in St. Catherine. Mr. Whitehorne stands over the drum."


"Portmore under water: this area is unique in Jamaica. Waterlogged and dangerous, it is the place of greatest risk from hurricane, from earthquake and from flooding. It is home for over 50,000 people!"