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A Catholic Church

"Members of the Catholic congregation hold hands while they say the 'Our Father'."

Christians gather for mass at The Church of Nativity - Bethlehem

"Mass at the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. Since the re-establishment of the state of Israel thirty years ago, an extraordinary religious and ethnic diversity has characterised the Holy Land. The population is a veritable mosaic composed of a…

Lady of the Angels Roman Catholic on Molynes Road

"Good Friday Mass: Father Joseph Wider of Our Lady of the Angel Roman Catholic Church on Molynes Road seen surmonising sections of the story of the Crucifixion at the three-hour Mass held at the church on Good Friday. Fathers Paul Walsh and Gabriel…

Roman Catholic

"Right: Part of the over-flow crowd of 2,300 listening to Mass outside the tent."

Roman Catholic

"The Five Sisters sing a hymn of thanksgiving after the profession of their vows."

Roman Catholic

"Bishop Edgerton R. Clarke, D.D. (left) delivered the homily in the Concelebrated Mass, and Father James Barry, S.J. (right) organised by the programme."