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Triston Palmer with Studio Engineers

"Penetrating Triston's song: Triston Palmer at right with Robert French (second right) studio engineer Chris Daley [partly hidden] and Pappa Bruce [left] all penetrate Triston's new son at Aquarius studio."

Triston Palmer in black singing

Jamaican reggae singer, Triston/Tristan Palmer.

Max Romeo

Jamaica roots and reggae musician, Max Romeo.

Lester Bullock (Dillinger)

"Dillinger, the 'Plait Skank' man - Lester Bullock."

Jimmy Cliff

Jamaican Ska and reggae musician, James "Jimmy Cliff" Chambers, playing his guitar.

Jacob Miller wowing the big crowds at the Tastee concert

"Jacob Miller wowing the big crowd at the Tastee concert last Thursday. The large crowd which turned up for the re-opening of the popular monthly shows was treated to a variety programme featuring the In Crowd Band, Al Brown, Sonny Wong, Prince…

Hugh Roy at Reggae Sunsplash 1982

Jamaican reggae musician, Ewart Beckford, also know as 'Hugh Roy', 'U'Roy' and 'Daddy U-Roy', performing at the 1982 Reggae Sunsplash concert held at Jarrett Park in Montego Bay.

Harry J's recording studio

"Inside the console rooms: In photo at left the Harry J's studio engineer Sylvan Morris [partly hidden second right] does the mixing while others from left are Linden Lobban, Everton Williams, Donovan Smith, and Everton Bell [in hat at right]. In…

From left to right: Robbie Shakespeare, Donald Shaw, Earl Chinna Smith & Roger Lewis

d_0006634_robbie_donald_earl_roger lewis.jpg
Jamaican musicians [l-r] - Robert 'Robbie' Shakespeare, Donald 'Tabby' Shaw, Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Roger Lewis.