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Crashed motorcycle being carried in trunk of police car

"Accident at Ritz on Maxfield Avenue. The crashed Honda bike is in the trunk of the police car."

Red Hills Road crash

"Red Hills Road: This police patrol car was put out of service yesterday when it crashed into the back of the Jamaica Public Service line truck [at right] along Red Hills Road. The car was driven by Constable W. Brown and the truck by Wesley James.…

Crashed police jeep

"Death jeep: Special Constable Leneartho Anderson died early Saturday morning when this police vehicle he was driving collided with a car driven by E.A. Chambers at the intersection of North and East Streets. Mr. Chambers was unhurt."

P.W.D. Toyota jeep

"Bull Bay bang - this PWD Toyota jeep stationed in St. Catherine overturned shortly before mid-day Monday in front of the Bull Bay Police Station. The driver is said by the police to have sustained a broken right hand resulting from the accident…

Police car involved in fatal accident

"Ten year old Annette Groves, of 7 1/2 St. Johns Road, Kingston 2, died on the way to the Children's Hospital yesterday morning after being hit by a police car on Mountain View Avenue. According to reports, Annette and seven year old school-mate…

Police patrol car crash

"Lucky cop: This police patrol car got out of control along Hope Road yesterday, careened in a screeching about-turn and then was knocked back onto its proper path by the JOS bus alongside. The driver and only occupant, E.L. Hall, received minor cuts…