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Perez on a bike

Perez, a biker sponsored by Pepsi, riding on his bike.

Crashed motorcycle being carried in trunk of police car

"Accident at Ritz on Maxfield Avenue. The crashed Honda bike is in the trunk of the police car."

Crashed bike in the street

An overturned scooter bike lies in the middle of the street following a crash. Market produce such as ackee and pumpkin, lie spilled beside the motorcycle.

Crashed motorcycle

Two men place a crashed motorcycle onto the back of a truck.

Mangled Honda motorcycle

"This wreck is all that's left of a Honda motorcycle after it slammed into a KSAC truck yesterday morning at South national Heroes Circle (South Race Course), according to police.
The bike's terrific impact with the back wheel of the truck detached…

Valiant car and bike collision

"Bikeman's narrow escape: This Valiant car registered in the name of Ludlow Haughton got out of control while negotiating the deep curve at Grants Pen Hill and collided with the Honda 175 motorcycle lying in front, owned and ridden by Patrick Harris…

Bike accident in Spanish Town

A Kawasaki motorcycle which crashed on a street in Spanish Town.

Policemen on bikes

Jamaican policemen make their appearance on bikes during a parade.