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Constable Campbell

Constable Arthur Campbell, a Jamaican police officer who was killed while carrying out his duties.

Colin Burke

"Colin Burke, retired corporal."

Opening of Parliament, Hon. D.B. Sangster and Hon. Hugh Shearer

Former Jamaican Prime Ministers, Honourable Donald B. Sangster and Honourable Hugh Shearer, walking towards the Gordon House for the opening of Parliament. In the background is the Speaker of the House beside Edward Seaga, along with other…

Off to the jail

Two female vendors on their donkeys, being taken into custody by a policeman.

At the police parade

"At the police parade: Mr. W.A. Muller taking the salute at the Police Training School on Saturday afternoon. Standing behind (from left) are Col. Michelin, Mr. Jack Graham, Commander of Special Constables; and Mr. Laurence P. Browning, Deputy…

A Mountie does traffic duty

A Jamaican police holds his hand out as he directs traffic while mounted on his horse.

Jamaica Constabulary Barracks, Kingston

Formation of police on their horses at the Jamaica Constabulary Barracks, Kingston.

Police woman interviewing a small boy

A policewoman takes notes in a book as she interviews a boy at a police station.

Police at Alpha

Police, dressed in riot gear, walk the field at Alpha in Kingston, during a sports event.