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Mrs. Walter Cheddesingh

"Opening: Mrs. Walter Cheddesingh cuts the ribbon declaring open the new Central Westmoreland Area Office during the official opening ceremony at Savanna-la-Mar last Thursday. With Mrs. Cheddesingh is the Area Committee Chairman John Milner."


Deputy P.M. David Coore and Wills O. Isaacs

"Deputy Prime Minister David Coore, (right) having discussions with High Commissioner for Canada Wills O. Isaacs at the Jamaican High Commission in Canada on the occasion of his visits to the Jamaican High Commission in Ottawa last week to hold…

Florizel Glasspole

Governor General Florizel Glasspole captured in office while working.

Florizel Glasspole in office

Glasspole, Florizel, - 1909-2000; Governors general - Jamaica; Politicians - Jamaica; Public officers - Jamaica; Offices

Sir Florizel Glasspole
Half portrait of Sir Florizel Glasspole, Governor General of Jamaica, 1973 to 1991.