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Bryant Bolling

"USIS Press Release on Feb. 4, 1983 on Black History Month."

Bryant Bolling

"Bryant Bolling (top) gives instruction to American pianist David Dawson during a recent music programme at the Theatre Project in Baltimore".

Byron Bowden

Byron Bowden, artist and Visual Art tutor, in conversation with a woman. In the background are two pieces of artwork.

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CCL Secretary J. Burns Bonadie

"Eyewitness Report: CCL Secretary J. Burns Bonadie (above, left) speaking at Chancellor Hall on the Grenada situation. With him is the Chairman of the Grenada Association in Jamaica, Justin Vincent; and below is a group of Grenadians and other West…

Clive Williams

"Councillor Clive Williams - Chairman of K.S.A.C. Fires and Poor Relief Committees."

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D. Theophilus Wint, Member of the Assembly

Mr. Dunbar Theophilus Wint - educator, journalist and former member of the Assembly and the St. Ann Legislative Council.

David Chin signing contract

"David Chin (extreme left) of David Chin and Associates, signs a $2.1 million contract yesterday at the Water Commission officer on Trinidad Terrace. Seated next to Mr. Chin is the Deputy Chairman of the National Water Commission, Andrew Abrahams.…

David Coore, Finance Minister

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"Welcome: Finance Minister David Coore greets Australian Deputy Prime Minister D. Cairns at Jamaica House yesterday morning. Behind Mr. Coore (left to right) are Prime Minister Michael Manley and Mining and Natural Resources Minister Allan Isaacs.…

David Weller

"Top cyclist David Weller's preparation for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, USA, was boosted recently by a gift of two of the leading makes of racing bicycles. The bikes, one from Italy and the other from The United Kingdom, were specially ordered…