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Beverley Carey shows a cutting on Jointa

"Beverley Carey, a Maroon herself and a historian, shows a cutting of Jointa, a bush used by the Maroons in preparing jerk pork. The smoke from the green leaves gives the meat a special flavour."

Cudjoe making peace with British

Maroon leader, Cudjoe, making peace with the British in 1738, by a large kindah tree.

Arrowroot plant, Scott's Hall Maroon

Resident of Scott's Hall in St. Mary, showing an arrowroot - an underground tuber popular to the area.

Waiting area of accused Scott's Hall maroons

Seating area where accused Scott's Hall Maroons of St. Mary, Jamaica, would sit while awaiting sentencing for crimes or indiscretions.

Maroon dance celebrations

Two Maroon men perform a dance ritual at a Maroon celebration. One man holds a sugar cane under his chin while the other appears to be communicating with an idol. They are watched by a group of mostly school children.


Members of a maroon community standing next to a dwelling in a rural area.


Elderly members of a maroon community seated in a waiting area. Woman holding a child is standing in the door way.

Maroons with drum

Members of a Maroon Community - two women, a girl and a man with a drum on his lap.