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A dangerous bus ride

"A dangerous practice: Despite appeals and warnings from all quarters overloaded passenger buses continue to ply on the various routes. These two youngsters, caught by out photographer, had apparently decided that whatever the cost, this bus would…

Boy riding bus

"The 'Daily News' camera caught this boy taking a dangerous Sunday ride on the back of this JOS bus on King Street, Kingston."

Boys joyriding on JOS bus

"These little boys are having fun on this free ride. This pleasurable planks brings smiles to their faces. But if Jolly should take a sharp turn, open his doors a little too early or get too close to a light post, the joyride could become a death…

Broken cylinder

d_0009829_broken cylinder.jpg
"Broken block: This is a broken cylinder block of a Gardener type engine. The break occurred as a result of water reaching into the cylinder through the air-clean, this de-compressing the chamber and causing the connecting rod to bend and hitting…

Bus crash - JOS bus

"End of the chase: this J.O.S. bus driven off by a man who was later charged with lunacy, crashed at the foot of Beverley Hills shortly after mid-night Monday, following a chase by JOS driver had been offering repairs to another bus when this one was…

Bus crash at corner of Chisholm and Maxfield Avenues

"This JOS bus crashed into a utility pole on Monday night before ending up on a wall at the corner of Chisholm and Maxfield Avenues. Reports are that the bus, driven by Clinton Donaldson, was going around the corner when it got out of control. The…

Bus crash at Hagley Park Road and Eastwood Park Road

"Three of the 52 passengers on this bus were taken to hospital yesterday after the vehicle left the road and crashed into the fence of the Ministry of Housing's legal office at the corner of Hagley Park Road and Eastwood Park Road. The accident…

Bus crash at Odeon Cinema

"Six persons were injured yesterday morning when this JOS bus crashed into the Odeon Cinema in Half Way Tree. The bus was going down Constant Spring Road when it got out of control after the brakes failed."

Bus hopping on Half Way Tree Road

"Illegal ride: bus hopping in the Corporate Area is again on the increase as these boys indicated along Half Way Tree Road yesterday. What the youngsters don't seem to realize is that they are flirting with death. Shortly after this picture was taken…

Bus stop at Guava Ridge

"At Guava Ridge passengers disembark and others, carrying bags of coffee to the factory."