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JOS bus strike - Cross Roads

"Cross Roads at 8:55am and not a bus in sight. Commuters look around hopefully for the other means of transportation, and wait and wait but that was yesterday. Today the buses will be back."

New JOS bus

"New JOS bus: Three of the Guy Victory J buses, produced by Leyland, arrived in the island from England Thursday for the JOS. The others are expected to come in by February next year.

Each bus is equipped with a five-speed semi-automatic gearbox…

Out of service buses

"Out of service - a section of the over 50 Leyland National JOS buses that are presently languishing in the Tivoli depot."

JOS bus accident

Two Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) buses involved in a traffic accident.

Unloading JOS bus at Newport West

"A JOS National bus being unloaded recently at Newport West. Nineteen new JOS buses have arrived in Kingston since July 8. Fourteen are already in service and five are being prepared for duty. This brings the total number of Leyland National buses in…

Bus wash

"The JOS has embarked on a campaign to keep the few vehicles on the road clean and to keep their working area clean. Here a bus get its daily wash at the sophisticated automatic washer at Tivoli."

JOS Leyland National bus on fire

"Half Way Tree firemen at work yesterday afternoon after this JOS Leyland National Bus caught on fire along Old Hope Road about 12:15 pm. When driver Norman Durrant was alerted by another motorist that there was fire at the back of the bus, the…

JOS bus in Kingston

Commuters lined up outside a Jamaica Omnibus Services bus in Kingston.

John Bollard and journalists

"JOS Managing Director John Bollard (second left) explaining to Journalists some of the operations at the Tivoli Depot on Tuesday. The newsmen were taken on a tour of the depot shortly before the company announced a programme for improvement of the…