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Tivoli Depot

Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) buses parked at the bus depot.

NAVCO's M-79 bus

"The finished product - one of NAVCO's (National Vehicles Corporation) latest designs, the M-79. More than 50% of the raw materials that have gone into the production of this bus were produced locally by suppliers and sub-contractors to…

NAVCO employee working on bus frame

"A NAVCO (National Vehicles Corporation) employee carries out work on a locally fabricated frame. The frames are designed with the maximum protection of passengers in mind and are well suited for rural operations. The buses also have a strengthened…

JOS commuters

"Commuters yesterday enjoying the last of the 'cheap' JOS fared. Come May 14 they will have to dig deeper into their pockets."

National Vehicle Corporation workers

"Jamaican expertise on the go - Putting it together: National Vehicle Corporation workers assembling another bus for JOS at NavCo's Hanover Street, Kingston plant."

Number 24 JOS terminus

"The No. 24 Terminus for 'Jolly Joe' at Hillside Crescent, Rennock Lodge. In the background is the Cement Factory. To the left, an uninhabited section of the Wareika Hills. The Rennock Lodge Youth Centre is out of sight, on the left."

Fire extinguisher on JOS bus

"The fire extinguisher [arrow] were disappearing too fast from the buses so JOS electrician designed a system which allowed the driver to push a button near his seat and discharge extinguisher on the turbine charger, at the rear of the Nationals."


"Ken Facey, J.O.S. Training Officer, points out the scored crankshaft journal of Olympic buses to some of the new class of trainee apprentices at the J.O.S. Engineering Training School at Tivoli Depot. Twelve youths between 15 and 17 years of age…

Rennock Lodge

"The Rennock Lodge Story: As seen near the entrance to Hillside Crescent, 'Jolly Joe' is on its way back to Kingston."

Bus stop at Guava Ridge

"At Guava Ridge passengers disembark and others, carrying bags of coffee to the factory."