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Pearnel Charles making an announcement

"Local Government Minister Pearnel Charles announcing the new arrangements for garbage collection. At left is Town Clerk Joslyn Clarke and at right is Kingston's Mayor Ryan Peralto."

Senator Pearnel Charles

".....we carried a picture of Senator Pearnel Charles he was dressed in this elegant.....-or one just like it - which we said was a Kareeba. Not so said his wife, who made it. This is no Kareeba; it is an "American Cut."
Well whatever it is, he was…

Senator Pearnel Charles

"Senator Pearnel Charles stands inside the gate of his home on Elmwood Terrace, Red Hills, to which he is still confined under the State of Emergency. He spends a lot of time gardening, watched by his five dogs including two Alsatians and a…

Pearnel Charles, Public Utilities and Transport Minister

"Power Barge Talks: Public Utilities and Transport, Minister Pearnel Charles [third left] with a team from his Ministry and the JPSCO, met with a group of US Army Corp representatives last week to discuss the possibility of Jamaica receiving a load…

James Callaghan

"Jamaican and Malaysian Senators at no. 19 reception: Senator Charles Jamaica (left) and Senator Law Hieng Ding right, of Malaysia shown in discussion with British Prime Minister James Callaghan, during a recent informal reception at No. 10 Downing…

Vivian Blake

"Marketing and Commerce Minister Vivian Blake sampling canned juice plums in the JIDC booth at the Consumer League exhibition. Home Economist of the Food Technology."

Kingston Mayor Algon Samuels

"Kingston Mayor Algon Samuels giving his message at the dedication of the annex at the Hanover Street Baptist Church on Sunday. Seated from left are, JBU president C. Sam Reid, Senator Dudley Thompson and JBU General Secretary Azariah McKenzie."