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Senator Maurice Tenn gets set to cut Pete's Patties birthday cake

"Patty celebration: Senator Maurice Tenn gets set to cut Pete's Patties birthday cake. The 3ft. cake was in the shape of a patty. The occasion marked two years of operation by Pete's Patties in the Terrace, 140 Red Hills Road and featured music by…

Senator Maurice Tenn

Senator Maurice Tenn cutting ribbon.

Senator Maurice Tenn

"Closing address: Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Senator Maurice Tenn, as he delivered the closing address at the eighth general assembly of the Inter-American Centre of Tax Administrators at the Pegasus Hotel. The assembly which…

Senator Maurice Tenn at CICJ

"The Government in Jamaica has no intention of taking over the insurance industry in Jamaica." Senator Maurice Tenn, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, seen addressing the closing sessions of the Caribbean Insurance Conference. Also…

Maurice Tenn

"Parliamentary Secretary for Parliament for Finance Senator Maurice Tenn giving the main address at the annual graduation of the Eastern School of Commerce held at the Pegasus Hotel Saturday night."

Maurice Tenn (Senator)

"Senator Maurice Tenn speaking to Caribbean District Managers at the British American Insurance Company auditorium in New Kingston yesterday."

Maurice Tenn

Senator Maurice Tenn giving address at an event.

Maurice Tenn

"Senator Maurice Tenn as he addressed the gathering at the opening of the Montego Bay Worker's Bank."