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2nd West India Regiment (regulars)

Group photograph of the 2nd West India Regiment musical band members with their instruments.

Bermuda, April 21st 1900 - presented from the 1898 Sierra Leone Expedition on this day

West India Regiment soldiers photographed after the 1898 expedition in Sierra Leone (photograph sent to the Regiment based in Bermuda in 1900).

Bivouac al Toniataba

Camps set up at Toniataba, Africa, during expedition by West India Regiment in 1892.

Brigade Office

Views of the ruined Brigade Office, the Army Service Corps offices and other buildings on the West India Regiment Camp in Jamaica, after the 1907 earthquake.

Burning of Griffon, 1892

Flames in Griffon? during expedition by West India Regiment in 1892.

C.O's house, front, after earthquake

Front view of the Commanding Officer's house after the 1907 earthquake; the house appears to be intact.

C.S.M. Thomas, Q.M.S. Vince, R.S.M. Mcleod, Major Hill, C.S.M. Noble, C.S.M. McInnis, Lieut. Bullock, B.M.R. Jones

Members of the West India Regiment Rifle Meeting 1907 with the Challenge Cup won by the 1st West India Regiment.

Capt. Blair (hall duties)

Photograph of Captain Blair, captain on hall duties for the West India Regiment.

Capt. Bult

Captain Bult standing with two chained dogs.