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Lorna Pennicott

Lorna Pennicott captured writing on a piece of document. She was a local farmer in the St. Thomas region.

Miss I. Chang of the Banana Board

"Miss I. Chang of the Banana Board makes her firm's presentation of $25.00 towards the National Champion Farmer Competitions, to JAS President, Courtney Fletcher at the JAS Farmers' Conference held at George Lisle Educational Centre."

Colin Campbell

"Congrats: Colin Campbell [left], Special Advisor to Prime Minister Manley, congratulates Doris Greene of the Morelands Farmers Co-operative as he hands her a certificate of deposit for money she invested in the Co-op. Occasion was the handing-over…


Farmers, from all over Jamaica, represented at an event.

A man doing some farming

A young man, wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat, carting away weeds in a wheelbarrow.