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Labour and Employment Minister Ernest Peart

"Labour and Employment Minister Ernest Peart addressing the Master Printers' Association at a dinner at Terra Nova Hotel on Saturday night. Others from left are Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry Undersecretary P.A. Mullings, Master Printers'…

Minister Ernest Peart

"A warning to employers: Prime Minister Manley has told the Caribbean Employers' Confederation that the employer who flatly refused to recognize a trade union which his workers wanted was retarding the nation's progress. He suggested that the…

Ernest Peart

"The Hon. Ernest Peart seen addressing the students. To the right of Mr. Peart are Mr. L.L. Grant and Mr. G.C. Vair."

Ernest Peart - Labour and Employment Minister

"Labour and Employment Minister Ernest Pear (3rd from left at head table) answering a question on Tuesday at a meeting to discuss the placement off graduates of the new secondary schools. It was decided that the Ministries of Labour and Employment…

Ernest Peart

"Labour Minister Ernest Peart (centre) enjoying a joke with Union leaders E. Lloyd Taylor (JALGO), left, and Claude O'Reagan (JUPOPE) in Jamaica House yesterday. The unions were meeting Prime Minister Manley for the second time on the matter of the…

Ernest Peart

"Labour Minister Ernest Peart opening the debate on the Industrial Relations and Labour Disputes Bill in the House of Representatives yesterday."