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Christmas 1966 - The Phyll's Court Place of Safety

Children, members of staff and visitors at Phyll's Court Place of Safety, having a Christmas treat in the yard.

Plaque-laying ceremony at S.O.S Children's Village

"American country and western singing superstar Johnny Cash (second from right), lays a plaque to a house he donated at the SOS Children's Village at Barrett Town, near Montego Bay. Assisting him is the president of the Village and general manager…

Country singer Johnny Cash

"Country singer, Johnny Cash, has donated thousands of dollars over the past three years to the SOS Children's Village, at Barrett Town, near Montego Bay. Whenever he is in Montego Bay, he always takes time out to visit the village and play with the…

Rae Town Goodwill Centre

Children and caregivers in the dormitory of the Rae Town Goodwill Centre Clinic for Children, located on Tower Street, Kingston.