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W.E. Phillips who works at Bank of Nova Scotia

"Computer Society agreement: Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited's supervisor of systems W.E. Phillips, seated (left) signing the agreement on behalf of the Jamaica Computer Society, also seated (right) British Computer Society President E.L. Willey…

Errol Pinard

"Errol Pinard - Assistant General Manager of Engineering and Maintenance at BWIA."

John Burton

"John Burton of Carib Construction Ltd."

The Mayor of Spanish Town, Everrod Williams

"The Mayor of Spanish Town, Everrod Williams, [second from left] receiving a poster print, a gift from Howard Durnham [far left] Director of Baltimore-Washington [B.W.I.] Airport. Also attending the presentation was Joseph Hyman [far right], Manager…

Roger Webster of Pan-Jamaica Group of Companies

Mr. Roger Webster looking over a document.

Sang Jin Choi

"...Prime Minister Shearer [second right]. Far right is former Minister of Health Herbert Eldemire and to the far left is Dr. Y. H. Kim, owner of the Korean Restaurant. The occasion was the Korean National Foundation Day at the Pegasus Hotel."

Frank Borman

"Prime Minister Michael Manley and Eastern Airlines chief executive and former astronaut Frank Borman at the Third Caribbean Tourism Conference in Ocho Rios this week. Both Mr. Manley and Mr. Borman addressed the opening session of the…

Frank Borman

Frank Borman shaking hands with a gentlemen, with other men standing behind them.

Frank Borman

Face portrait of Frank Borman.

Peter Bolt

"Members of a group of businessmen involved with the sale of Red Stripe Beer in the U. K. are shown after their recent tour of the D & G brewery complex. At centre is J. T. Lim, D & G's Executive Director and at right is Mr. Peter Bolt, Bulmers,…