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Out of service buses

"Out of service - a section of the over 50 Leyland National JOS buses that are presently languishing in the Tivoli depot."

Tivoli Depot

Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) buses parked at the bus depot.

National Vehicle Corporation workers

"Jamaican expertise on the go - Putting it together: National Vehicle Corporation workers assembling another bus for JOS at NavCo's Hanover Street, Kingston plant."

JOS buses at Tivoli Gardens Depot

"When is a "first bus" not a first bus? When it gets out from the depot too late to begin working at the "first bus" is scheduled to start. JOS spokesmen say that a new system of supervision at their depots is coming to grips with the problem and…

JOS Depot at Tivoli

"Awaiting spare parts - some of the buses laid up in the Tivoli Depot because of lack of spare parts to do repairs."

Parked JOS buses

"JOS buses idled by strike."

JOS Tivoli Depot

"Water collected in this inspection pit for Leyland National buses at the JOS Tivoli Depot during the heavy rains...However, the Daily News was told that no efforts have been made to this end and workers have been expressing concern that it might…

John Bollard and journalists

"JOS Managing Director John Bollard (second left) explaining to Journalists some of the operations at the Tivoli Depot on Tuesday. The newsmen were taken on a tour of the depot shortly before the company announced a programme for improvement of the…

Bus wash

"The JOS has embarked on a campaign to keep the few vehicles on the road clean and to keep their working area clean. Here a bus get its daily wash at the sophisticated automatic washer at Tivoli."

JOS tour

"New JOS Board chairman A.Z Preston is attracted by something while JOS Chief Engineer George Swindlehurst beckons to JOS Advertising Manager Henling Wade (at right) to make the next move when members of the JOS Board toured the JOS Tivoli depot on…