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Kingston Mayor Algon Samuels

"Kingston Mayor Algon Samuels giving his message at the dedication of the annex at the Hanover Street Baptist Church on Sunday. Seated from left are, JBU president C. Sam Reid, Senator Dudley Thompson and JBU General Secretary Azariah McKenzie."

Boulevard Baptist Church

"Church and world: The largely-attended Boulevard Baptist Church in Kingston, has outgrown the former meeting place (left) and is now pushing ahead with construction of the much larger new structure pictured here. It has also posed a parking space…

Boulevard Baptist Church near the entrance

A view of the entrance of Boulevard Baptist Church located on Washington Boulevard in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Mission premises at Salter's Hill, St. James

The mission premises at Salter's Hill, St. James, surrounded by trees and and nearby houses. The premises belongs to the Baptist Missionary Society.

Mission premises, St. Ann's Bay

Drawing of the historic Baptist mission at the bottom of a hill in St. Ann's Bay in St. Ann, Jamaica. The church was established in 1827.

Mt. Carey Church, St. James

Mount Carey church in St. James, in decrepit condition, following the 1957 earthquake which mainly affected the western end of Jamaica.