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Florizel Glasspole and others

Governor General Sir Florizel Glasspole (in distance), Edna Manley and Michael Manley (front row) among others at a large gathering.

Barrington Watson's monument

Monument dedicated to the late Barrington Watson, located under a gazebo on his Orange Park property in St. Thomas

Thomas Bucknor

"Thomas Bucknor [centre] explains the details of one of the many pieces of his carvings which are on exhibition at the Chelsea Art Gallery to Joan Rossman at left and Rev. Robert Cuthbert who opened the exhibition on Friday. Among the many carvings…

Trevor Burrowes

"Trevor Burrowes with his drawing 'Major Fidel Castro Hermano'."

Eric Cadien

Portrait of Jamaican sculptor and businessman, Eric Cadien.

Austin Campbell

"Austin Campbell (left) discussed his award-winning 'Lovers' with smiling Art-School principal Jerry Craig and Women's Bureau Director Peggy Antrobus. The piece, which has "plenty of jokes" according to the artist, was awarded a Festival silver medal…

Ralph Campbell

A portrait of Jamaican artist and painter, Ralph Campbell.

Secretary General Fay Saunders

"Education week begins: JTA Secretary General Fay Saunders [left] shares a pleasant moment with artist A.D. Scott [centre] and Art and Craft Teacher Cecily at the opening of the Exhibition of Art and Craft which is St. Hugh's High School's…

George Rodney

A portrait of Jamaican artist and painter, Lloyd George Rodney.