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Martha Brae Postal Agency, Trelawny

A small wooden structure that houses the Martha Brae Postal Agency in Jamaica. A blue concrete house with a vehicle parked beside it is behind the post office.

Falmouth Pier (aerial)

Aerial view of the Falmouth Pier showing a Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship at the pier.

The Barrett House - Falmouth

The Barrett House, once owned by Edward Barrett and built in 1799. The windows and doors have been sealed with concrete to prevent further deterioration of the ruins.

Albert George Market Clocktower

Clocktower above the Albert George Market in the Falmouth Water Square. It was built in 1894.

Falmouth Pier - entrance

Entrance to the Falmouth Pier in Trelawny, with several posters relating to the history of Jamaica, Trelawny and Falmouth.

Falmouth Pier - buildings

View of the Falmouth Pier with several buildings being constructed.

Falmouth Water Square

The main town square of Falmouth - the Water Square. It is so called because of a large reservoir which was once in the middle of the square. The refurbished square features a water fountain and is surrounded by several buildings of Georgian…

Phoenix Foundry (The Dome), Falmouth

The Phoenix Foundry or 'The Dome' in Falmouth, Trelawny is one of the oldest surviving industrial complexes in Jamaica. It was built by engineer, Mr. Fields, and it served as a metal factory for repairing ships.

The Baptist Manse, Falmouth

This Baptist church building, built in 1798 is of Georgian architecture and was the first masonic temple in Jamaica. In 1834, it was sold to the Baptist Missionary because of the amount of debt that was incurred from its construction. It later became…

The Falmouth Courthouse

View of the Falmouth Courthouse that was originally completed in 1817.