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Louise Bennett in bandana in front a grilled area

Full-sized photograph of Miss Lou wearing traditional bandana dress and head wrap, with arms opened.

Louise Bennett participating in the Tropigas draw
Miss Lou during the Tropigas "Lucky 10 Competition" at Tropigas located at 41a Half Way Tree Road. A gasoline stove is the grand prize.

Louise Bennett speaking to group seated on ground.
Louise Bennett, at the microphone speaking to a group of persons.

Louise Bennett with basket on head

Miss Lou wearing traditional bandana dress with large basket on her head.

Louise Bennett-Coverley
Portrait of Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley, Jamaican poet, folklorist, writer and educator.

Louise Bennett-Coverley and husband Eric Coverley
Louise Bennett and her husband Eric Coverley at home in a jovial mood.

Louise Bennett-Coverley and Sir Florizel Glasspole
Sir Florizel Glasspole gives 'Miss Lou' a friendly hug while they look at her newly published book and share a joke.

Louise Bennett-Coverley with friends
Louise Bennett-Coverley poses with friends at her place of residence.