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Bandana queens

Miss Lou and "Bandana Queens" taking part in the Caribbean Carnival Gala Dance and Ball at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Coverley Columbus preview

Candid shot of guests at an event.

Effigies of Louise Bennett and Ranny Williams (Morgie and Putus)

Effigies of Louise Bennett and Ranny Williams as they march in a parade during an independence celebration. Spectators are looking on.

Eric Coverley with a pipe in his mouth

Portrait of Eric Coverley, husband of Louise Bennett-Coverley, grinning with a pipe in his mouth.

Hon. Louise Bennett

Full-sized photograph of the Honourable Louise Bennett in bandana dress and head wrap and with arms open.

Lou and Ranny Show being recorded at JBC
Ranny Williams - right, Louise Bennett, 2nd right and others at microphone reading scripts for the recording of the 'Lou and Ranny Show' at the JBC Studio. A live musical band is in the background.

Louise Bennett

A laughing Louise Bennett wearing a broad brimmed straw hat.

Louise Bennett
Picture of Louise Bennett sitting on a patio, seemingly speaking to person or persons not in the picture.

Louise Bennett
Louise Bennett and her husband Eric Coverley (right) with man and child.