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York Pharmacy damaged by car crash

"Shopping by car? Damage to the York Pharmacy in Half-Way-Tree was put at over $2,000 Wednesday after a motorcar got out of control and crashed through the show windows.

Three people, including two schoolgirls were injured as a result, and were…

Yallahs fording

"Where is the road? This is the Yallahs River in spate yesterday - a day and a half after Tuesday's torrential showers. The fording, which normally enable the scores of vehicles plying between Kingston and St. Thomas and through the Portland, is…

Yallahs flooding

"Yallahs fording flooded during October 1974 flood rains."

Xray scanner at Norman Manley International Airport

"Air Jamaica recently installed an x-ray scanner at the Norman Manley International Airport, to help speed up operations at the security check-point. For the exclusive us of Air Jamaica passengers, the scanner will see if there are any weapons or…

Xmas morning show

"XMAS Morning Show: The audience are in the titters at the Christmas Morning Showcase put on by promoter Clancy Eccles at the Carib Theatre on Saturday. Over 2,000 patrons were treated to over three hours of lively entertainment by artistes who also…

Xmas Card

Photograph of the face of a Christmas card showing two fishermen casting their net into the sea.

Xmas card

"A card with a message...this message is written in the colours red, green and gold and is sure to be a best seller."

Xmas card

Jamaican Christmas card of a drawing of a voluptuous black woman.

XLCR 'B' Team

"JWHA Junior Champions: XLCR 'B' stopped Mandeville 2-0 last Saturday to emerge champions of the 7-a-side Knock Out Cup. Back row [l-r] Goulda Downer, Hayley Downer, Claudette Burnett, Martha Robinson, Olive James. In front [l-r] Verelyn Levy, Martha…

Xaymaca Scene

Houses made of bamboo in rural Jamaica.