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Alexander Berry & son

Items inside the Alexander Berry & son store - dealers in china, glass and earthenware.

Bert Rose and Pauline Malek, pupils of Rowe's Studio of Dancing

Bert Rose and Pauline Malek captured during a dance routine.

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Bartering on the Niger

Enslaved men and women waiting to be auctioned. Soldiers are keeping guard.

Basin, goblet, commode, etc.

Photograph of a basin, goblet, commode along with other items used hygiene care in ancient days.

Band of the Jaw-Bone John-Canoe

Lithograph showing three members of a John-Canoe band, assisted by a young boy. Two of the men are playing the Gumbay and Dundun drums and the man on the left is playing a rasp. They are being assisted by a young boy.

An iron gibbet on which rebellious slaves awaited a slow and painful death

An iron gibbet, used to punish and torture rebellious slaves to death, on display at the Museum of the Institute of Jamaica.

A wholesale and retail store, known all over Jamaica as McNish Ltd.

The ruined wholesale and retail store, McNish Ltd., after the 1907 earthquake.

A view of Kingston barracks

A scene at the Kingston Barracks with soldiers and guests standing outside on the grounds.

A view of King Street

A busy scene at one of Downtown Kingston's principal streets, King Street.

A view of Coke Chapel

Drawing of the 19th century Coke Chapel building as seen from Parade in Kingston. Congregants are seen exiting the building and gathering in the parade located before the church.