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Inside of a second class passenger diesel rail car

Bench seats reserved for second-class passengers on a diesel train.

Indian indentured labourers at worship, 1905

A group of Indians pause to take a photograph while celebrating the Hussay (also Hosay) ritual. Behind them is the 'temple' used in their worship ceremony.

Hyatt, Charles

Candid photograph of Jamaican actor, author and playwright, Charles Hyatt, with a beverage in hand.

Huts near Bushy Park

A family of Indian descent in Bushy Park, St. Catherine, stands outside their wattle and daub hut with thatched roof.

Earthquake shattered store room at the University College of the West Indies

Complete destruction of a store-room at the University of the West Indies by the 1907 earthquake.

Diesel electric locomotive

A diesel electric train on the railway tracks.