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Mr. Abe Chong

Mr. Abe Chong, Assistant Manager at the Royal Bank Jamaica Ltd., Hagley Park Road branch.

Abe Chong, Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager, Administration of Royal Bank Jamaica Ltd., Abe Chong.

Ms. Fort Clarence 1980, Lorna Chong

"Ms. Fort Clarence 1980, Lorna Chung, being sashed by last year's winner, Joan Mirander."

Ms. Beryl Christian

"Beryl the foreign ministry at age 55.
Beryl Christian has come home to Jamaica after almost 16 years roving through West Africa."


Charles and Etty Christian

"Jaycees couple create history: Charles Christian and his wife Etty created history recently when both of them became Jaycees International (JCI) Senators. The terms Jaycees International [JCI] Senator is an award given to current or past members to…

Charles Christian

Portrait of Mr. Charles Christian of Jaycees International.


Daily News Coinword winner, Rose Christie

"Pleased as punch: Daily News Coinword winner - Miss Rose Christie of 5 Land Settlement Road, Prospect, Port Antonio - smiles happily upon learning that she won the major part - $675 - of the Coinword prize money. The winnings are shared with two…

Elroy Christopher receives medal of efficiency

"In picture is Elroy Christopher receiving Medal of Efficiency for twelve years service to St. Kitts Defence Force. Pinning on meda is Roy Beverage, Acting High Commissioner. In background is Colonel T. Holloway Defence Advisor for the British High…

Kenneth Chung's living room

"The living room of the apartment at 31c Abbey Court which police searched following the arrest of retired baker, Kenneth Chung, on a charge of possession of cocaine."