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King Street looking south

A busy day on commercial King Street in Down Town, Kingston. Commuters in horse-drawn carriages, tramcars and on bicycles and foot, are up and about.

Bridge, east of Spanish Town

The historic cast iron bridge, built in 1801. It is located at the eastern side of Spanish Town, St. Catherine, and is the first of its kind in the Caribbean.

Lacovia, Bamboo Walk

Dirt road lined with bamboo trees on both sides. The area, between Middle Quarters and Lacovia, is known as Bamboo Avenue today.

Below Hardwar Gap (north side)

Scenic route through the north side of Hardwar Gap in rural St. Andrew, Jamaica.

Logwood, Black River

Numerous logwood trees in the countryside of Black River, St. Elizabeth.

Market women on road

Women carrying baskets laden with market goods on their heads to the market. A donkey saddled with sticks of sugarcane journeys with them.

Dunn's River

Section of the popular Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

Dildo (geo plants)

Cactus trees growing wildly.

Scholars and teacher

A group of students from rural Jamaica and their teacher stand before an old school building.

Rio Cobre Canal

A section of the Rio Cobre canal near Spanish Town, St Catherine.