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St. Peter's Church, Alley
View of St. Peter's Anglican Church, commonly known as the Alley Church, situated in Alley, Clarendon. This Anglican Church was founded between 1671 and 1675, as the parish church of Vere. It is lauded as being one of the oldest churches in the…

Tower Isle Hotel, strolling calypso players
Three calypso players with guitar, rattle and sticks, entertain a female guest on the beach at the Tower Isle Hotel. Jamaican hotels have endeavoured to provide visitors with a unique taste of the island’s culture and particularly its music with…

Jamaican Steel Band with Native Dancers
Jamaican and other indigenous music are often accompanied by local dance forms. In addition to the performance of music, tourists are often given the opportunity to experience Jamaican folk dance culture.

Romantic Tropical Rhythm of Jamaica
The steel band had its genesis in Trinidad around 1945 but has permeated the Caribbean and the rest of the World. Steel pan music is a drum rhythm that uses instruments fashioned out of a variety of materials. These include dustpan bins, oil drums,…

Fern Gully, St. Ann, Jamaica
A coloured photo of a postcard showing a scene of Fern Gully St. Ann, Jamaica. This is a damp archway stretching for 4.8km outside of Ocho Rios, St. Ann. It houses over 500 species of fern; the first of which were planted in the 1880s.Ferns and thick…

The Governor's Coach
Passengers of the Governor's Coach standing on the outside and looking on as a woman hands a floral arrangement to a man and woman. This special rail service was offered to tourists wishing to tour the countryside of Jamaica. The coach would leave…

Doctor's Cave Bath Club, Montego Bay
A scene at the Doctor's Cave Bath Club in Montego Bay, St. James. In 1906, Dr. Alexander James McCatty, M. D. donated his beachfront property in Montego Bay for the founding of a bathing club. Along with Dr. McCatty, a number of doctors of the area…

Greetings from Jamaica, Myrtle Bank Hotel Kingston, Jamaica
Colour postcard of the lovely Myrtle Bank Hotel, surrounded by palm trees and a water fountain on the grounds

Constant Spring Hotel
A colour postcard of the beautiful Constant Spring Hotel showing the towers and the lawns

Myrtle Bank Hotel
Postcard of the Myrtle Bank Hotel, inside the gates. Horse drawn carriages are parked alongside the left wing.