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Rio Cobre Dam (Dam Head)

National Irrigation Commission station at the Rio Cobre Dam.

Mento band

Members of a mento band photographed with their musical instruments.

A settler's house

Front view of a settler's house.

A scene from the Jamaica Operatic Society's the Mikado, 1961

d_0005895_scene_ja_operatic society_the_mikado.jpg
Photograph capturing a scenes from Jamaica Operatic Society's rendition of ' The Mikado', a comedic opera composed by Arthur Sullivan in 1885.

A distressing parting between parent and child

Coloured print showing a mother being separated from her child after a slave auction.

A cashew vendor

Drawing of a cashew vendor, with her hand akimbo. She is barefooted and carrying a container with cashews on her head.

Arawak rock sculpture at dry land near Pear Tree Grove Post Office

Rock carving by Tainos located in the Woodside community of St. Mary.

Arawak prepare for voyage

Illustration showing Arawak men filling boats with baskets of food, cages with live poultry and jars of water as they prepare for a voyage.

Arawak ornaments

Image of four Arawak ornaments.

Arawak Indian girl from British Guiana spinning cotton

A partially clad Indian woman of Arawak descent, sits on a wooden stool, as she spins cotton from a basket.