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Orchids at Hope Gardens

Ferns and orchid plants at Hope Gardens in St. Andrew, Jamaica.

Bongo Herman, along with High Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie of Ethiopia, grandson

A smiling Ermias Sahle Selassie playing the conga drum with Bongo Herman and other Rastafarians.

Myrtle Bank Hotel, Kingston after 1907 earthquake

People loitering by the entrance of the Myrtle Bank Hotel. The hotel, once known as the largest hotel in Jamaica, sustained significant damage after the 1907 earthquake.

After the earthquake 14th, January 1907, Mr. Grinan's House

The remains of Mr. Grinan's house after it was flattened by earthquake on January 14, 1907.

Rum Warehouse and Customs, Kingston after Great Earthquake, January 14, 1907

Damage to the roof and building of the Rum Warehouse and Customs building in Kingston.

Sussex Hall, after Great Earthquake January 14th, 1907

Sussex Hall after the Great Earthquake of January 14, 1907. The fence and steps leading to the property are intact but there is significant damage to the Sussex Hall building.

Kingston, Jamaica after the earthquake January 14th 1907, garden in front of the residence of the governor

View of the garden and road leading to the governor's residendence after the January 1907 earthquake. The lush garden is filled with grass, palms and other large trees.

Kingston, Jamaica after the earthquake January 14th, 1907, statue of Queen Victoria

Statue of Queen Victoria mounted at eastern Parade at the entrance of Victoria Park. Minor damage was done to the statue and the entrance of the park after the earthquake on January 14, 1907.

Orange Street, Kingston, after Great Earthquake January 14th, 1907

The remains of buildings along Orange Street in Kingston that have been completely destroyed by earthquake and fire on January 14, 1907.

Kingston, Jamaica after the earthquake January 14th, 1907, east end of Kingston Harbour

The Kingston Harbour (toward the east end) after the earthquake on January 14th, 1907. In the background are trees and a large mountain.