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Sunday Sun Quiz Competition

"Sunday Sun Cash Quiz winner Ronald Anderson and Managing Director, Maurice Garrison."

Sunday Sun Cash Quiz no. 4

"Lucky Ronald Anderson, winner of Sunday Sun Cash Quiz no. 4, gives that winning smile as he receives his prize of $50 from Advertising Manager Mrs. Jean Fisher at the Sun office. Ronald answered correctly all seven questions in the Quiz, solution to…

Sunday Sun Competition

"Life Insurance Companies Association's Vivian Rochester presenting a cheque to Cordell Braham [left] who came p with the most appropriate correct name for the Decade of the Seventies in the Sunday Sun competition. He named it the Turbulent…

Sunday Sun Cash Quiz

"Sunday Sun Cash Quiz winner Ronald Anderson and Managing Director, Maurice Garrison."

Portmore Parkway

"Commuters at the Portmore Parkway Roundabout are in the 'eyes right' position as they wait on the bus which will take them out of sun, wind and dust to their various workplaces. Commuters have reported that they are left exposed to the elements and…

Parade Gardens

"Lunch times for students at the Parade Gardens Youth Community Training Centre in Kingston. Students at the Centre receive a hot, balanced lunch each day, free of charge."

Bombay Community Council

"No Generation Gap: This picture, showing adults playing gaily together with their juniors, indicates what can happen when there's community togetherness and coordinated effort. This game was a prelude to the launching of the Bombay Community…

Bombay Community Council

"From the mouth of babes...These two children, interestingly enough, will also serve the Bombay Community Council. They will air the grouses and desires of their peers to the council."

Bombay School

"Staring at Accomplishment: The president of the Bombay Community Council (standing) calls attention to the roof of the Bombay School, which is the result of action on the part of a civic group."

Community Health Aide

"A community health aide is shown here counselling patients on one of her rounds. The people of Cornwall will have more of this kind of service through the Cornwall County Health Programme, the main purpose of which is to bring health care to the…