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Ceremony to unveil plaque commemorating Sir Lionel Smith's proclamation of Abolition 1838

Governor General Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke and other dignitaries in attendance at an unveiling ceremony of a slavery abolition plaque at old King's House in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Mrs. Chung receives commemorative plaque from JAMINTEL

"Planning, JAMINTEL, presents a commemorative plaque to Colgate Palmolive Co. (Ja.) Limited telex operator, Mrs. H. Chung, recently at Colgate's offices. The plaque marks the inaugural call amde by a Jamaican telex subscriber through JAMINTEL's new…

Old colours...Parish Church Kingston

West India Regiment flags above a plaque at the Kingston Parish Church erected in commemoration of the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and men of the 1st Battalion West-India Regiment, 1892-3-4.

Prof. Barry Chevannes and Governor General General Sir Howard Cooke unveiling plaque

Governor General Sir Howard Cooke and Professor Barry Chevannes unveiling the slavery abolition plaque at the Old King's House portico, where British Colonial Governor, Lionel Cooke, had declared the abolition of slavery in Jamaica.