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Doctor giving check up in Huayuan County, Hunan Province

"Miao Nationality woman barefoot doctor gives child check up in Huayuan County, Hunan Province."

Doctor of Tibetan Medicine Hospital train young people

"A doctor of Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Lhasa trains young people."

Barefoot doctors learn acupuncture treatment

"Staff members of the Tuyang commune hospital in the Tuan Yoa autonomous county held barefoot doctors' of production brigades and teams learn acupuncture treatment."

Barefoot doctors treats sick child with acupuncture

"Barefoot doctor Tien Chun-miao, heroin of the colour feature film, "Spring Schools," treats a sick child with acupuncture and herbal medicine."

Barefoot doctor gives patient acupuncture treatment

"Women barefoot doctor in commune of Chuansha County, Shanghai, gives patient acupuncture treatment in field."

A barefoot doctor from medical co-operative service gives smallpox vaccinations

"A 'barefoot doctor' from the medical co-operative service station run by a production brigade in Chuansha county on the outskirts of Shanghai gives smallpox vaccinations to children in the brigade."

Barefoot doctors give medical treatment

"Barefoot doctors give medical treatment while taking part in farm work."