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Kindergarten practise fencing

"Children of the Peking no. 4 kindergarten practice fencing."

Kindergarten in Peking practise basic movements

"Children of the Yangfang Laue Kindergarten in Peking practice basic movements in 'Wushu'."

School children learn swimming

"School children learn swimming in the Li River in Kweilin, the Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region."

A barefoot doctor from medical co-operative service gives smallpox vaccinations

"A 'barefoot doctor' from the medical co-operative service station run by a production brigade in Chuansha county on the outskirts of Shanghai gives smallpox vaccinations to children in the brigade."

Children of Mongolian herdsmen attending a class

"Children of Mongolian herdsmen attending a class of a mobile Primary School."