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Art Beat (The Creative Hub)

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Artist: Lisa Stiebel
Date: December 2019
Location: Harbour Sreet
Theme: An Urban Story of How

Musical Vibrations

Artist: Alphonzo Blake
Date: November 2018
Location: Water Lane/Orange Street
Theme: Live Murals in Water Lane

Live murals in Water Lane

Titles and Artists: Penpowerment by Danijah TaylorAfroSoul Sistah by Charl BakerMusical Vibrations by Alphonzo BlakeLife by LifechildTheme: Live Murals in Water Lane


Artist: Danijah Taylor
Based in: Parade Gardens
Date: November 2018
Mural no:
Theme: Live Murals in Water Lane

Flower Girl

d_0009071_waterlane_ flower_girl_ deon_simone.jpg
Artist: Deon Simone Date: November 2018 Location: Water LaneTheme: Live Murals in Water Lane

Life is what you make it

Artist: Brad PinnockDate: December 2019 Theme: Healing thoughts through Art on Barry Street Location: Barry Street

Rae Town - Oldies Dance Vibe

"Simone Deon expresses Rae Town as the place for Oldies music and dance."Artist: Deon Simone Date: January 2020 Location: Rae Town, Rae Street community field