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School children in Eberbach, Federal Republic of Germany

"Heidelberg: Schoolchildren in Eberbach, a spa in the Neckar Valley near Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany, are as at home with equipment to check their own blood pressure as they are with pen and pencil. About 2,000 youngsters aged 10 to 18…

Ludlow Burke

"Gift to Jamaica: Dr. William Gaynor of Southampton Hospital, Long Island, New York is shown donating a Cryosurgical Unit to Dr. Ludlow Burke chief of the Cornwall Regional Hospital. The $1,000 unit is used for rapid freezing in prevention of cancer…

Spanish Town Hospital

"An Ho Meter for Spanish Town: the meter with accessories being pointed to by the manager of NCB branch in Spanish Town, David Whitbourne, is used for the analysis and measurement of the blood count. Behind him stands Selvyn Irvine, vice chairman of…