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Major General O'Connel
Portrait of Major General O'Connel of the B.W.I.R. sitting on an arm chair with one arm rest.

Return of B.W.I. R
A massive crowd turns out to welcome members of the British West Indies Regiment as they return from the World War

Return of last contingent
The last contingent of the British West Indies Regiment disembarks the ship that is docked at the pier, as they return from the War.

Group of West India Regiment Officers 1905

A group of thirty-one officers from the West India Regiment, 1905. In the background is a large three storey building.

Colonel Blackden
Portrait of a moustached Colonel L.S. Blackden, dressed in suit and tie. He is looking away from the camera.

The Trooping the Colour Ceremony put on by the First Battalion of the Jamaica Regiment.
The First Battalion of the Jamaica Regiment at the Trooping the Colour Ceremony being watched by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Salomon de la Seva's squad, 3rd Battalion Royal North Lancashire Regiment
Members of the 3rd Batallion Royal North Lancashire Regiment or 'Foreign Legion' as they were called because they came from various countries.

Item 11 - West India Regiment Album

Two soldiers of different ranks in the West India Regiment standing together; one salutes the other.