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Roy Paul

"Paul on the go: Lucas' captain Roy Paul sweeps St. Catherine's spinner Ephraim McLeod [right] during his undefeated knock of 50 at Nelson Oval yesterday. Behind the stumps is Renford Pinnock."

Roy Paul

"Missing glance: Roy Paul of Lucas seems surprised that his intended stroke through the leg side field did not succeed because the ball slid into the gloves of Morris, Kensington's wicketkeeper, during Saturday's Senior Cup game at Kensington."

Ordelmo Peters

"Supplying demands - Ordelmo Peters forward prodding opening batsman for St. Catherine executes a rare attacking backfoot drive against wrist spinner Colin Gordon while scoring 49 against Kensington at Chedwin Park on Saturday. Steven Wint at the…

Odelmo Peters

"St. Catherine's opening batsman Ordelmo Peters drives JDF's pacer Stanley Johnson [right] into the covers during his undefeated knock of 50 at Camp yesterday.
Watching the action are wicketkeeper Clive Brown, non-striker Robert Harley and umpire…

Devon Heron

"One sixth of a six not out was the score of burly Devon Heron of Kensington seen heaving the ball fruitlessly to a well guarded onside field against Lucas at Kensington Park yesterday. His partner Colin Gordon, also scored a single during a sudden…

Colin Fletcher

"The top scorer - Melbourne's opening batsman Colin Fletcher is caught in action as he drives off the back foot into the covers during his innings of 64 in the feature Senior Cup match at Sabina Park yesterday. The bowler is Ronnie Savariau with…

Errol Peart

"A good hit: Melbourne's left handed Errol Peart opens his arm to hit off-spinner Colin Hinds over mid-wicket for six during his innings of 31 at Chedwin Park yesterday. The wicketkeeper is Renford Pinnock with William Haye at slip."

Errol Peart - cricketers

"Close one: Melbourne's top scorer, Errol Peart (right) just missed being run out by a straight throw by Maurice Foster (open arms) as Ray Wynter (middle) interfered instead of allowing the ball to hit the stumps. Action was in the J.K. Holt cricket…

Wicketkeeper Errol Peart

"Close call: Melbourne's wicketkeeper Errol Peart removes bails and bellows an appeal, but all in vain as Lucas batsman. Everton Mattis is safely home during his knock of 47 in the 6-a-side cricket competition which got underway at Kensington Park on…