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Roy Lee - boxing champion

"Dismantling a fearless machine: Roy Lee professional middle weight champion of Jamaica batters Lionel 'Touch Skin' Cameron, grimacing in agony, during their 12-round bout at Guinness Gym on Saturday night. Lee won but could not floor his courageous…

Mexican Boxer Manuel Sanchez

"Mexican boxer Manuel Sanchez (right) has a talk with his manager Freddie Moore at the Skyline yesterday after arriving in the island where he had a scheduled ten-round bout with Lionel 'Tough Skin' Cameron at the Guinness Gym on Saturday night.…

Cornelius Boza-Edwards

"Cornelius Boza-Edwards penetrates the world title holder guard of defending champion Carlos Hernandez of Spain during their title contest at the Royal Albert Hall, London recently. Boza- Edwards - Britain's former world title holder - was awarded…

Eye of the Tigers: boxers in training at Dragon Gym, Kingston

Boxers in action during a training match at the Dragon Gym in Kingston.