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Aerial view of airport in England

An aerial photograph an airport in England and its surrounding towns.

Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin

"Cloudy gates hallmark of new Berlin-Tegel airport, Berlin."

Cabin in the Sky

"The Cabin in the Sky restaurant [at the Sangster International Airport] provides a quality, intimate setting for prolonged goodbyes or for a quick drink before departure. The restaurants seats 150 persons."

Crowded waving gallery at Norman Manley International Airport

"Crowded waving gallery at the Norman Washington Manley International Airport at the arrival of the Jumbo 747 on Wednesday afternoon. Hundreds of persons had packed the gallery and the public car park was packed. There were long lines of persons…

Europe's major international airports

"[Pictograph showing] the ten major airports in the European Community based on the volume of embarking and disembarking passengers (scheduled and chartered flights)."

Island Creations shop at Sangster International Airport

"Island Creation: Mrs. Hope-Brent Harris, Manager of Island Creations shop at Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay explain to Hon. Alva Ross, Minister of Public Utilities and Transport and Hon. E.K. Powell, Minister of State some of the items…

Roman Catholic

"A group of 155 Catholics recently left the island on a pilgrimage to Rome to participate in the celebration of Holy Year 1975. They were led by Archbishop Carter and Father Meany (at centre) and are shown shortly before boarding their Air Jamaica…