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Tachai Poor Peasants Association talk to children on class struggle

"Under a spreading tree, on which many peasants, who could not pay rents, were hung up and beaten by landlords in the old days, Tachai Poor Peasants' Association chairman gives school children a talk on class struggle."

Sowing wheat at a mechanized state farm

"Sowing wheat at a mechanized state farm on the Northeast China Plain."

Photo shows the commune terraced fields

"The Tientai commune in Chihshui county, Kweichow province, south-west China, goes all out for capital farmland construction. Photo shows the commune's terraced fields."

Peasants of a people's commune in Pingku county

"Peasants of a people's commune in Pingku county on the outskirts of Peking deliver tax in kind and sell surplus grain to the state. They have just reaped a good summer harvest."

Peasants carrying manure to the field

"Peasants carry manure to the field in Tunchang County, Kwangtug Province."

Members of a commune harvest grains

"At top left members of a commune in Suchien county, Kiangsu province, garner their grain harvest."