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Miss Lou with Hon. Edward Seaga

Autographed photograph of Miss Lou and Prime Minister Edward Seaga sharing a light moment.

Miss Lou statue

Statue of Miss Lou in Gordon Town, St. Andrew. It was sculpted by Basil Watson.

Miss Lou standing under a banana tree on stage

Miss Lou poses on stage under a banana tree stage prop.

Miss Lou reading in the comfort of her home

Louise Bennett-Coverley at her home in a room with items such as: encyclopedias, a large Miss Lou bust, small busts, photographs and other personal items.

Miss Lou performing
A candid photograph of Miss Lou during a dramatic performance. She has a bow in her hair and is wearing a plaid dress with lace bloomers, a pair of socks rolled up to her knees and a pair of sneakers.

Miss Lou on stage

Rehearsing for a play.

Miss Lou meeting the Queen

Louise Bennett and the Queen smile as they greet each other on the Queen's visit to Jamaica.

Miss Lou laughing

A laughing portrait of Miss Lou. She is wearing a wide brim straw hat.