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Allman Town

"Frontal view of the Allman Town Basic School Community and Day Care Centre: Supervisor Everette Clarke, left, and her assistant, Mrs. A. Hawes."

Toll Gate Community Centre

"It is always hard work on the site where the hard court for the Toll Gate Community is being constructed, as a project of the Government's Youth Employment Programme. In the background is the community center, which was opened last November."

Spaulding Garden

"Working with a will: Parents and children joined hands yesterday to give new life to their community center in Spaulding Garden. The project was community oriented and instituted and involved minor repairs to the building, and landscaping the…

N.W. Manley Community Complex (Mount Charles)

"Prime Minister Michael Manley addressing residents at the official opening ceremony of the N.W. Manley Community Complex in Mount Charles, East Rural St Andrew, Sunday. Others seated on the platform from left to right are Rev. J.W. Harpaul, Mrs.…

August Town Youth Center

"Counselling techniques: Roselder Cherrington (centre) discussing peer counselling techniques with teenagers Margaret McDonnough (right) and Dave Heslop. All three were selected for training as peer counsellors for the Youth Center."

August Town Youth Center

"Peer counselling session: Social worker Beverly Marsh (left) and Family Life Educator Grace McCaskie-Wint (2nd from left) lead discussion during one week training session for peer counsellors."

August Town Youth Centre

"Public Health Nurse Turner measures the blood pressure of a young patient at the August Town Center."

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"While the construction workers are busy these volunteers prepare 'the staff of life' [food]."

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"Hard working youngsters loading up with material for mixing cement."

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"Some of the 11 skilled workers selected by the Community Council completing the work on the floor. With back to back to camera in the background is Community Council secretary Cherita Girvan."