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Kingston - King Street looking north

Commercial buildings along King Street. Several horse-drawn carriages are seen. To the right is the Bee Hive store at the corner of King and Harbour Streets.

Street scenes in Kingston: Orange Street (outside the market)
Tramcar in front of the Jubilee Market on Orange Street in Kingston, Jamaica. Pedestrians are walking along the street and on sidewalks.

Street scenes in Kingston: King Street
Scene on a section of King Street, Kingston, Jamaica -man driving horse-drawn cart, people walking along the street, buildings along the roadway.

General Post Office Kingston, Jamaica

A drawing of the General Post Office, Kingston, Jamaica, done by Geo Duff, son-in-law of Mr. Brymer, the first Postmaster for Jamaica.

Myrtle Bank Hotel
A drawing of the Myrtle Bank Hotel done by E. Gross.

Air Jamaica Building

View of the Air Jamaica, Bank of Jamaica and other buildings as seen from the roof of the National Library of Jamaica at 12 East Street, Kingston.

Bank of Jamaica

Jamaica's central bank, the Bank of Jamaica, located at Nethersole Place in Kingston, Jamaica.

Fort Rocky, Port Royal

Ruins of Fort Rocky, one of the forts in Port Royal that was built during World War II in an effort to prevent invasion from the Germans on the island.

Harbour View Round-a-bout

View of the Harbour View Round-a-bout in Kingston, Jamaica. A monument is in the centre of the circle.