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Damaged haulage truck


"Accident: Haulage contractor Vincent Sinclair was driving his truck with a load of lumber from Newport West to Lumber Traders at Ferry, yesterday…

Car vs light pole


An MG car which crashed into a light pole.

Leyland JOS bus and motorcar


"No one was injured when this motorcar and this Leyland Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) bus collided yesterday morning, but a section of the Mona Road…

Crash on Lincoln Avenue


"Passers-by state curiously into this car on Lincoln Avenue shortly after it crashed into a light pole yesterday, but they saw no sign of the driver…

Public Service Company truck


"Reddy does not seem to worried in this position which came about, when this Public Service Company truck overturned along Mountain View Avenue…

Traffic accident scene


Drivers and onlookers on the scene of accident involving two motorcars.

Mountain View Avenue crash


"The drivers of both cars involved int he collision along the Mountain View Avenue Saturday night exchange particulars after George Headley, Berkley…

Crash victims


"The crash victims being removed to an ambulance from the JDF aircraft on arrival in Kingston yesterday."

"Crash victims at Ferris Westmoreland."

Crashed vehicle


"After the bump: the driver thrown from his cab on impact, was dragged from under the vehicle."

Fatal crash


"Death crash: Three people, two from one family, died when this car got out of control along the Spanish Town Road yesterday and crashed into this…