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WWII commemorative plaque on the Cross Roads clocktower

The newly renovated Cross Roads clock tower and war memorial, built to honour men from Kingston and St. Andrew who fought and died in World War II.

Wrecked dwelling house, Kingston (after earthquake 1907)

Damage, caused by the 1907 earthquake, to the front of a house in Kingston.

World War 1914-1918, Jamaica - sailing of the contingent World War I

The first Jamaican contingent for the British West Indies Regiment, aboard the 'Verdalla' which sailed on 8th November 1915.

Workers relax after a hard day at work

Men, women and children gathered near the entrance of a dwelling. An elderly man is holding a bunch of bananas.

Workers being transported to their jobs

Passenger train being loaded to transport workers to their places of work.

Wooden house, Jericho, Hanover, 1957

Downed wooden house in Jericho, Hanover, after the 1957 earthquake.

Women with pots, bowls and jars on display

Baskets, jars and bowls on display for sale.

Women with baskets

Two young women carrying baskets.

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